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Candle Direct Sales and Home Party Program

Earning Extra Income Couldn't Be Easier. . . or More Fun.

Candles for Direct Sale

With our Direct Sales and Home Party Program, you can sell our exceptionally scented, handcrafted candles directly to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors, with a 100%-plus cash profit potential. Our program offers you a fun and easy way to earn extra income any time of the year.

Here's How Easy It Is...

Our program features our Original Collection of candles in 24 popular seasonal scents: we offer a Spring and Summer menu of 24 scents and a second Fall and Winter menu of 24 different scents. To get started, we require each independent Direct Sales Consultant to purchase a kit of sample candles when signing on with us, choosing either our 6-candle sample kit, 12-candle sample kit, or 24-candle sample kit.

These samples allow friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to see and "sniff" your exceptionally scented candle products.  They can then order what scents they have sampled in-person, rather than ordering just by scent name or by what scent they “think” they might like.  Each Direct Sales Consultant also receives a supply of sales flyers and order forms, as well as a few gift bag samples and a 6” x 8” Seagrove Handcrafted Candles logo sign, which is perfect for creating a home-party presentation display.


Home Candle PartyAs a Direct Sales Consultant, once you receive your samples and sales materials, you can proceed in a few ways. 

Option One:  Home Party Sales
You want to have a home party, featuring your Seagrove candle products. You can invite friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to a casual evening or afternoon party at your home, asking each invited participant to bring along a friend.  You set up a display of candles, perhaps burning a candle for effect.  This way your party attendees can experience the candle’s impressive “scent throw” for themselves, sample all of the scents, and order the candles they like. 

Option Two:  Direct Sales
An alternate or complementary approach, you may choose to sell to individuals informally - through your social and professional network - over a two-week period, being sure to include two-weekends in the sales period.

Of course, as a Direct Sales Consultant, you will likely find it most effective to combine the two sales approaches and sell via a home-party and by direct sales. Regardless of which approach you take, the order-taking and fulfillment process remains the same.  The simple steps:

  1. You record each individual buyer’s order information on your Seagrove Direct Sales – Home Party Individual Order Forms.
  2. You collect full payment from each buyer when they place their order and provide a receipt.
  3. You record all candle quantities needed on your Direct Sales – Home Party Master Order Form.
  4. You mail Seagrove a copy of your Direct Sales – Home Party Master Order Form via United States Postal Service’s Priority Mail (you keep the original order form) along with a certified bank check for the total amount of your order, or you can fax your Direct Sales – Home Party Master Order Form to Seagrove if you are paying by credit card.
  5. You contact Seagrove to confirm receipt of your order and obtain a shipping date and package-tracking information.
  6. You receive your candles from Seagrove and distribute them to your buyers.  If you held a home party, you could have a second party, at which your buyers can collect their candles. 

Seagrove Candle Company can also provide our attractive logo gift bags and tissue paper to you - at cost - plus shipping/handling. If you want gift bags, you will need to indicate so and pay for them at the time of your order.

Direct Sales Candle Party

Getting Started...

To get started today as a Direct Sales Consultant, simply contact us using one of the methods below. We will provide you with pricing and program information, as well as a Direct Sales and Home Party Program Agreement Form to complete and return to us. The agreement form outlines our program’s terms and conditions, and will ask you to establish a projected timeline for your sales program.

Come join our growing team of independent and successful Seagrove Direct Sales Consultants.

Please note: our program is limited to our Original Collection candles and does not include our Traveler Collection or our Soap Collection at this time.


Online Info Request

You can request direct-sales program information (including our Order Form) by completing and submitting the form below.

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Phone   Fax (Optional)   E-Mail
Brief description of how/when you plan to participate
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Mail Fax Info Request

You can also request Direct Sales program information by mail, e-mail or fax. Just download, complete and submit the Direct Sales Info Request Form below and we'll provide you the information you need to learn more or get started.

Direct Sales Info Request Form
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Telephone Info Request

Prefer to request Direct Sales program information by telephone? Simply download and view the Direct Sales Info Request Form below, and then call us at (910) 215-9223 during our regular business hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm EST.

Direct Sales Info Request Form
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